Notion Wave Inc., Canada.

We have been working in this field since 1989. It is almost 30 years! We started with content first and worked with CD-ROM abstract databases, then moved on to DVD, then Internet took over. Online content was the core of our business until 2012, but long before that we had developed a number of digital library tools to support our clients and provide easy access to their online resources. From 2012, we fully focused on our suite of knowledge management products called iKNiTO. These products are used by all sizes and types of institutions, from a research center, to a National consortium. In 2017, we launched our initial versions of PUBNITO which is an integration of a number of products which help you publish books, as well as deliver them to the readers. In 2018, we launched  our learning suite under LRNiTO, which currently deals with assessment part of K12 online learning and will be gradually expanding to become learning management system. iKNiTO, PUBNiTO, and LRNiTO are able to deeply integrate and provide a seamless knowledge and learning platform.

Microservice Architecture

Microservice architecture, or simply microservices, is a distinctive method of developing software systems that has grown in popularity in recent years. In fact, even though there isn’t a whole lot out there on what it is and how to do it, for many developers it has become a preferred way of creating enterprise applications. Thanks to its scalability, this architectural method is considered particularly ideal when you have to enable support for a range of platforms and devices—spanning web, mobile, Internet of Things, and wearables—or simply when you’re not sure what kind of devices you’ll need to support in an increasingly cloudy future.

Microservice Architecture allows us to deeply integrate our services. In the same time it enables us to use external services to add value to our products. We use Microservice Architecture vs Monolith Architecture. It creates flexibility, scalability and development and deployment speed for us. Our deep integration technology and microservice architecture give us opportunity to integrate and combine various microservices to create strong applications and suites.

Technology Stack

We are using state of the art technologies in software development. This enables us to be in front line of technology advancements. In the same time it gives us ability to respond to market  demands with the highest agility.

  • React Technology is used as our main front-end development platform
  • MongoDB used to complete our hybrid database model to fit different needs of the projects
  • Node.js is our main programming language as it has the fastest growing community over languages and gives us ultimate flexibility on development life-cycle
  • Elastic is our engine of choice when it comes to large scale search and query requirements
  • Kubernetes is our open source container-orchertration system for automating development, scaling, and management of containerized applications.
  • AWS is our preferred cloud based storage for all our servers.