We believe in learning from others’ experiences. Your major K12 elearning project should start with a study into K12 digital learning landscape and its impact on your particular requirements.

We have partnered with Evergreen Education Group, based in Colorado, US in order to offer such detail studies. They have worked with major schools districts, states, as well as legislators in order to help them strategize their policy and approach to elearning.

Evergreen is launching the Digital Learning Annual Conference in April 2019, and also manages the Digital Learning Collaborative, a membership group made up of 23 companies, state agencies, and school districts.

Please read more about Evergreen here, and contact us to discuss possibilities.


In Canada, we offer some exciting products for teachers and students both at school and at home from MOZAIK Education. Over a 1000 interactive 3D scenes, hundreds of educational videos, built-in skill-developing, illustrative and virtual lab applications and games, all available in the mozaBook software and on mozaWeb.

mozaBook: Educational presentation software for interactive boards for use by teachers. Spectacular interactive content and built-in skill-developing, illustrative and virtual lab applications help to arouse students’ interest and help acquiring knowledge.

mozaBook Tablet: Students can also connect to mozaBook running on an interactive board in order to participate in classwork.

mozaWeb: The digital textbooks, interactive extra content and applications related to the curriculum are available online anywhere for both students and teachers.

mozaMap: The digital atlases of this interactive map software enhance the repertoire of geography and history education. The elements of the different maps are easy to change and tailor, making preparation for class simpler and faster.

Please read more about MOZAIK Education here, and contact us to discuss your needs and our possibilities.



Virtual Reality has entered schools and is proving to be a very effective method of offering in-depth and interactive education.

We offer VEATIVE VR modules for K12. There are over 500 high quality and interactive modules which cover K12 curriculum in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics, as well as Educational Tours and Language Learning.

Please read more about VEATIVE here, and contact us to discuss your needs and our possibilities and where we can offer the product.



LRNiTO is our flagship elearning product which can be used a an exam maker on its own, or as part of any compatible learning system.

It has two parts:

Question Bank: :Lets you add and accumulate your questions in variety of forms and types. You can add their answers too.

Exam Maker: You can create printed exams with printed answer sheets, or take the exam online.

Online exams and printed multiple choice exams are graded automatically.

Please read more about LRNiTO here, and contact us to discuss your needs and our possibilities.


If you are a 9-12 student and wish to obtain a US Diploma, or just wish to get some select high school courses in one of the best online schools, then this is for you.

Register at Arizona State University Prep Digital (ASUPD) as a full time student, to study at home and obtain your US Diploma.

Continue to attend your local high school but register a minimum of 6 credits and obtain a dual diploma.

Or simply register in some select courses to become familiar with education in the US and get ready for your university.

Students can take college courses as part of their high school program and earn college credit before starting their university.

Get your application to Arizona State University fast tracked by attending ASUPD.

Please read more about ASUPD here, and contact us to discuss your needs.


We have six products :

iKNiTO Digital Library: This is an advanced digital library for use by universities and research centers with a many online books, journals, databases, as well as audio, video, datasets, etc.

iKNiTO Space is our digital repository which is based on Dspace from DuraSpace. Notion Wave is a Listed Service Provider of DuraSpace.

iKNiTO Journal Management System is a complete solution for your journal publishing. it defines roles and responsibilities similar to the real people who are involved in such publishers.

iKNiTO Conference Management System is an academic conference and gathering management system. It covers all expected tasks from such a system, from announcing a conference, call for papers, selection, invitations, exhibition, student contests, and accommodations.

iKNiTO Journal Evaluation: We have built iKNiTO JVAL for major regional or national bodies who are responsible for evaluation of journals published by universities and research centers under their umbrella.

iKNiTO Recommender is a state of the art product which uses a large volume of data about published works, Artificial Intelligence, and latest computer software technologies in order to create a recommendation system.

Please read more about iKNiTO here, and contact us to discuss your needs and our possibilities.



PUBNiTO is our advanced and complete product for digital publishing and creation of interactive and live ePUB3 books.

We provide the full circle, from authoring to publishing, to secure sales and delivery, to reading from any device, and adding annotations.

Each book becomes a learning system with ability to interact with others.

We think PUBNiTO is ideal for publishers and specially independent publishers, universities and their presses, and  most importantly K12 textbooks.

PUBNiTO works with all languages left to right and right to left and has special features for even Arabic mathematical formulae.

Please read more about PUBNiTO here, and contact us to discuss your needs and our possibilities.

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